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Fleet Hoster For Compliance Streamline compliance throughout your operations

Navigating changing regulations and ensuring team compliance can be challenging. Geotab's user-friendly tools and pre-built reports simplify compliance management across your operations, making it efficient and effective.

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Fleet DOT compliance management solutions.

These inspections go beyond mere checkboxes. DOT compliance is about enhancing safety, safeguarding profits, and streamlining fleet operations. Navigate this dynamic landscape with FMCSA compliance software that assists you in adhering to government rules and regulations by:


  • Addressing ELD, DVIR, and HOS
  • Automating audits and processes
  • Keeping you FMCSA compliant
  • Improving CSA scores across the board
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Minimize compliance risk and violations

Stay ahead of compliance and mitigate risks with proactive alerting for your drivers, sites, and administrators. Implement seamless workflows that prevent violations before they occur.


  • Mitigate risk with proactive admin alerts
  • Temperature logging for sensitive cargo
  • Prevent violations with alerting workflows
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Optimize time spent on compliance management

Enhance efficiency through digitized workflows and access to essential compliance metrics. Benefit from pre-built and exportable reports for HOS, DVIRs, FSMA, and other critical aspects.


  • Stay updated with automated reporting
  • Stay updated with automated reporting
  • Unified Compliance Dashboard
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ONBOARDING World-class implementation services and training

Gain access to our Partner Support team to guide you through onboarding and implementation. Access live trainings, webinars, videos, and technical guides 24/7. Plus get support from our Customer Portal Center and responsive U.S.-based support team.

  • Dedicated In-House Implementation Services
  • Dynamic Training Solutions
  • Ongoing Customer Success Support
  • 24/7 Customer Center Portal
  • YouTube Video Center
  • Streamlined Release Cycles

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