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HD VIDEO VISIBILITY Safety Reporting & InsightsDetect and capture risk

Leveraging cutting-edge AI Dash Cams, FleetFlix effortlessly records high-definition videos, swiftly transmitting crucial footage of significant incidents to the cloud for prompt review. With real-time visibility, we ensure the safety of your drivers and safeguard your business during critical moments.

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IN-CAB DRIVER ASSISTANCE Prevent incidents before they happen with in-cab alerts

Enhance your drivers' on-road performance by utilizing a variety of in-cab audio alerts, such as tailgating, speeding, and mobile usage warnings, among others. These alerts are designed to foster safer habits and promote better driving practices. Take control of the driver experience by conveniently customizing in-cab alerts directly from your dashboard, optimizing safety and efficiency.

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COACHING WORKFLOWS Coach the riskiest drivers at scale with streamlined workflows

Empower your drivers both on the road and in the office through powerful coaching tools that guarantee punctuality, effectiveness, and accountability. Foster a culture of safe driving by implementing driver-centric gamification, incentivizing responsible behavior, and establishing rewards programs that build strong trust and rapport with your drivers.

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REPORTING & INSIGHTS Retain drivers and protect your bottom line

Unlock the full potential of your fleet management with FleetFlix's array of tools, including benchmarking, safety scorecards, risk reports, and comprehensive analytics. Gain powerful real-time insights into your fleet's performance relative to the industry, enabling you to prioritize safety initiatives, safeguard your financial health, and attract top talent. Stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions with our data-driven solutions.

Video Discover the remarkable transformations in safety programs achieved by customers through FleetFlix.

HOW IT WORKS An end-to-end culture of safety

Count on FleetFlix for exceptional support and implementation services, guaranteeing a seamless and successful transition to your video-based safety program.


Program Design

Our expertise lies in assisting you to identify your goals and devising a well-structured implementation plan with key milestones.



You have the flexibility to install FleetFlix independently or collaborate with our partners. Tailor the settings to precisely match your requirements.



Enable your team to effectively communicate and launch your new safety program to all employees, empowering them to embrace and participate in the initiative.


Program Refinement

Even after your program launches, we remain committed to working with you, ensuring seamless and continuous operations for sustained success.

Flexible deployment options

Utilizing the FleetFlix Platform to manage your safety program ensures that all stakeholders, from drivers to safety managers, have access to the same real-time data, fostering better collaboration and informed decision-making.

AI Dash Cams

  • High-Definition Video Footage Experience Full HD video with Infrared LED technology, providing exceptional night vision capability and remarkable clarity to capture even the minutest details.
  • Real-Time Driver Coaching The built-in audio speaker facilitates optional in-cab driver alerts, enhancing communication and safety on the road.
  • AI-Optimized Processor Leveraging advanced edge computing, our system enables real-time scene analysis and precise object detection.
  • Onboard Storage Access on-demand video for up to 50 hours of drive time, providing ample footage for review and analysis as needed.
  • Easy To Install For Immediate Results Easily install within less than 15 minutes using straightforward mounting and activation processes.

360-Degree View

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