The GO-Dash Bundle: A Geotab, Surfsight, & Fleet Hoster Collaboration

GO-Dash Bundle

Dash cams have contributed greatly to the safety of fleets. Recording the activity of both the driver and the road ahead provides greater protection for drivers and keeps fleets running smoothly. Dash cams are the extra set of eyes every fleet needs for improved visibility, accountability, and security. 

While a dash cam offers a fixed, reliable perspective, a tracking device goes one step further. With their location-based analyses, tracking devices also perform vehicle diagnostics, resulting in more comprehensive video events. Tracking devices monitor the fleet’s every movement. With the ability to track location and motion parameters, tracking devices can provide critical intel in cases of incidents or unexpected detours. They also allow for real-time support access, providing drivers and fleet managers with updates for just about any situation. 

Adding to the GO-Dash Bundle

One GPS fleet tracking device, but two is better. The Surfsight AI-12 dash cam and Geotab GO9 are among the best in their respective markets. Artificial intelligence, instant storage access, and full Geotab platform integration are just some of the features that make Fleet Hoster's GO-Dash bundle stand out from its competitors. Combining forces makes this collaboration a fleet management software solution’s dream.

The Surfsight AI-12 Dash Cam

The Surfsight AI-12 is a dual-HD dash cam that analyzes potential hazards for the road ahead and the cabin within. The camera uses AI to detect distracted drivers while simultaneously offering real-time alerts of driving incidents. All event-based video is recorded and stored in the cloud for up to 30 days, and all footage is accessible on-demand. The 720p cabin camera with infrared capability and the 1080p HD road camera produce clear visibility for full documentation of the trip.

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The dual-HD cameras are particularly useful for insurance claims processing and legal investigations. Fleet drivers often take the blame for any incident they're involved in, regardless of who is truly at fault. Immediate storage of dash cam footage onto the SD card, along with cloud backup storage, lets the fleet management team and driver access footage within the past month This can be crucial for investigations, insurance claims, and other uses. The AI-powered distracted driver detection (try saying that three times!) also incentivizes drivers to remain focused, as it alerts and records when the driver is not being fully attentive to the road.

The Geotab GO9

The Geotab GO9 tracking device ensures full coverage of any fleet at any time, receiving real-time data of the fleet it is connected to. Best of all, it's all hosted on the Geotab platform, the #1 Commercial Telematics Provider in the World. Some types of data collected include the following:

  • Accelerometer data for harsh driving events like braking or cornering
  • Accident detection
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Geofence-related events
  • Speeding with speed limit detection

The GO9 is extremely secure, using authentication, encryption, and message integrity verification to ensure accurate fleet data. Each device also has a unique ID and non-static security key that prevents unauthorized parties from fabricating a device's identification. The easy installation and greater connectivity are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many key features and benefits of the Geotab GO9.

Geotab’s GO9 is also its most powerful telematics device yet. The GO9 offers a 32-bit processor, 4x more memory, and 5x more RAM than the GO8. Similar to the GO8, the GO9 offers state-of-the-art GPS technology, g-force monitoring, GEOTAB IOX expandability, engine and battery health assessments, and communication on the LTE network. The GO9 ensures that a fleet is always being detected and maintained, improving the safety of the fleets, assets, and drivers.

The 4-Way Universal Harness Kit

To tie it all together, the 4-Way Universal Harness Kit connects the GO9 and AI-12 dash cam to any compatible fleet vehicle. Including a wide variety of mounting brackets, the harness kit refines the GO-Dash experience with simple and direct installation.


Along with the two ports for the GO9 and dash cam is a diagnostics port for whenever the vehicle needs to come in for maintenance. The simple plug-in port saves a huge amount of time for the driver and mechanic. Not only does this make routine maintenance trips quicker, but it also improves fleet efficiency. Time saved = money saved.

The GO-Dash Bundle

Combined, the Surfsight AI-12 dash cam and Geotab GO9 create one the most secure systems in fleet tracking. The AI-12 dash cam's event-based video recording and the GO9's satellite location tracking can pinpoint a fleet's exact location any time; for incidents that the fleet is involved in, video and location evidence can recreate the setting and situation with exceptional detail. So how does it work in action?


A company would select which Geotab events they would like video to be included in. The Surfsight application will then monitor when the selected events occur and retrieve the appropriate footage. The events are then visible in the Surfsight application with the proper video evidence. To optimize efficiency, the Surfsight application can also be included as an add-in into the Geotab platform. That way, both devices can be monitored in one location.

For any scenario, good or bad, the dash cam and GO9 can recreate it to a tee, all on Geotab. For internal and external investigations of any sort, the Geotab platform's clean organization and data visualization make it very easy to read and analyze. The platform offers the complete transparency its users deserve.

Ready, Set Up, GO

Both devices have many incredible features to them, and together with the harness kit, they provide high quality security and accessibility for the fleet, the driver, and everyone around them in one easy-to-install solution!