The 4-Way Universal Harness Kit: Beyond Fleet Connectivity


Having a variety of safety and tracking equipment is vital within fleet management, but sometimes the clutter of cords and wires can complicate the installation process. Aside from the typical headache that entangled wiring can cause, it can also lead to long-term damage to the device. Sometimes less is more, and that's what the 4-Way Universal Harness Kit best embodies.

Similar to how the Geotab platform connects various device programs into one platform, the 4-Way Universal Harness Kit connects the Geotab GO9 and Surfsight AI-12 Dashcam into one single power input. With three other distinct ports, the 4-Way Harness Kit simplifies vehicle management for the driver while increasing efficiency.

Easy Installation

The harness kit is extremely easy to install. Along with numerous mounting brackets, the single input port enables it to support nearly any vehicle. Unlike other popular wiring harnesses, the 4-Way Universal has a sleek and durable design that provides the reliability needed for a variety of vehicles and environments.

Adding the GO-Dash Bundle

Geo tab alt

While the 4-Way Universal Harness Kit is not included in the GO-Dash Bundle, it is the perfect complementary purchase. Each device has a unique port, making it user-friendly. The GO9 port is also compatible with Geotab's latest GO9+ tracking device. Combining them into one makes both devices' vehicle installations faster and easier.

Ease of Access for Diagnostics

geo tab port

At this point, we’re left with the final but arguably most important port: the open diagnostics port. The role of the open diagnostics port is to expedite routine checkups. It does this by eliminating the need to disconnect any devices for an available connection. A mechanic can simply connect the diagnostics tool to the open port, which won’t affect the dashcam and the GO device.

Going Beyond Connected

The 4-Way Universal Harness Kit amasses all of the GO-Dash's combined features while hiding unsightly equipment. Still, this harness does more than just connect; it synthesizes every component into an efficient fleet management system.