The Surfsight AI-12 Dash cam: More Than a Camera


The AI-12 dash cam, developed by Surfsight and Lytx, goes beyond the traditional expectations of a dash cam.

It ensures accountability from everyone.

With road and cabin-facing cameras as well as the ability to connect additional external cameras, the AI-12 covers all corners for on-the-road fleets. Not only are the fleet driver and company held to the highest standards, but so is the environment around them at any given time. From insurance claims assistance to driver health & safety, the AI-12 provides security for all.


Driver Responsibility

The pace and mindset of modern transportation mirrors our current society: nonstop multitasking and time optimization. Unfortunately, this can result in drivers taking their eyes off the road more often, especially fleet drivers who log many more hours than the average commuter.

The AI-12’s 720p cabinet camera helps keep drivers focused. AI technology can detect whether a driver is looking away from the road or not. Real-time assistance and data collection can assist drivers whenever issues occur or simply keep themselves in check when they’re tempted to take their eyes off the road.


Claims Ease of Process & Protection from Fraud

Fleet drivers are often at a disadvantage when involved in accidents, and insurance claims can make things extremely difficult and tedious. As a result, insurance fraud happens often, costing fleet drivers and their employers massive legal fees, among other issues. With no substantial evidence, fleets are likely to experience lengthy and costly legal processes with little chance to defend themselves.

Real-time footage stored in the cloud can provide drivers with evidence to examine their involvement in an incident. This can not only expedite the insurance claims processes, but it can also prevent unwarranted legal problems from developing.

Driver and Asset Protection

Theft and vandalism are far from rare, especially when it comes to the theft of fleets’ assets. Drivers can get hurt and fleet companies often suffer financially, all with possibly little evidence to begin an investigation.

The AI-12’s cloud storage has a 30-day backup where hours of footage can be stored and sorted through. If a crime involved the fleet, video evidence can easily be collected and used by law enforcement to open an investigation and find the perpetrators. This ensures security for both the driver and the company’s wellbeing.


More Than a Camera

The AI-12 offers protection for the fleet and those around it, as well as accountability. Its real-time recording, storage, and HD cameras give a clear and concise background to whatever event or situation the fleet is involved in. Its AI technology and ease of personalization keeps the driver alert and focused for long trips on the road. It's not just a dash camera that documents incidents; it helps prevent them.