Slap-N-Track! The ATB01-36 & ATB01-120 Battery Asset Trackers

Smart, Strategic, & Practical

Introducing the ATB01-36 and ATB01-120! These battery-powered asset trackers provide long-term service for extended period deployments. They also offer features such as theft/detachment detection and real-time location and speed tracking. For fleets covering a lot of ground or carrying assets that are susceptible to theft, the ATB01-36 and ATB01-120 are the way to go.

Adaptable & Enduring

Both trackers use Intelligent Power Management (IPM) to save battery life by entering a deep sleep power mode when they are stationary. Once movement is detected, they immediately wake and report location. This eliminates the need to turn the device on and off throughout the drive. The 36 and 120 can each store & forward up to 50 messages/alerts as well, offering exceptional storage size for such a physically small device.

Designed for long-term fleet deployments, these asset trackers are durable and long-lasting; the ATB01-36 and ATB01-120 have battery lives of up to 3 years and 10 years, respectively, and can withstand extreme storage temperatures. To make matters better, these trackers are rechargeable, making them a smart investment. No matter the weather or journey, these two asset trackers remain tough as nails.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

One of the major benefits of these fleet trackers is how tiny they are. The ATB01-36, the smaller of the duo, measures 3.4in x 2.4in x 1.3in in dimensions; that’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand! When compared to the Geotab GO9, the two are practically the same size. The ATB01-120 is only slightly larger, with 3.4in x 3in x 2in dimensions.


Aside from being easier to handle, their size also makes them easier to hide. In the worst case scenarios, it is crucial to know where the assets and/or vehicle have gone. Equally important is to minimize the chances of anyone or anything removing the tracker. The 36 and 120's size are small enough to fit into the nooks and crannies that larger devices cannot. These trackers remain out of sight and out of mind to everyone, but can be detected by the fleet managers who can access the tracker's location via management software, such as Geotab.


Arguably the most important feature of these trackers is the ability to slap & immediately track. Slap-N-Track! Both trackers have multiple strong embedded magnets to ensure a secure attachment to any metal surface. Each tracker also has indents on all four sides for easy zip tie installation if preferred or for additional stability. These remove the need for drilling or professional installation, not only preventing damage to your vehicle or assets, but also saving significant time and money. All you need is the tracker and a hand to slap it onto whatever needs to be tracked!

slap track3

The 36 and 120 also have embedded light sensors that detect detachment from the tracking asset. This notifies drivers and fleet managers in the case of theft or other incidents. Even if the tracker is found and removed, its time and location of disconnection are recorded for fleet managers to see.

For more information on the ATB01-36 and ATB01-120 asset trackers, visit their product pages on the Fleet Hoster website.